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Cracked Windshield? Tips To Avoid This Fate In The Future

While there isn't anything you can do about your car's existing windshield crack other than to have it repaired or the whole thing replaced, following these tips will help you avoid future windshield damage:

Tip: Stay Back When Following Behind Other Cars or Trucks

Since most windshield damage happens on the road while you are driving, make the extra effort to leave more room between your vehicle and the car or truck ahead of you.

When you think about how another vehicle's tires fling up rocks and other matter from the roadway, they can only fling it so high and so far. If you leave enough room between you and the vehicle ahead of you, then rocks and other items kicked up will land back on the ground instead of on your car's hood or windshield.

How far behind another vehicle you should follow is determined by how big that vehicle is. For example, you need to leave more space between your car and a semi truck than between you and a Volkswagen bug. As a general rule, the bigger the vehicle's tires, then the more space you should leave when following.

Tip: Avoid Parking Near Potential Windshield-Damaging Hazards

When you are out and about around town, you should be mindful of where you choose to park your vehicle. For example, parking near a golf course, baseball field, or school greatly increases your chances of a mishit ball flying over a fence and breaking your windshield or denting your car. Similarly, if you park next to a construction site or at the base of a tall building, then debris could be dropped onto your car from above. To avoid preventable damage to your car, make certain you park in safe areas that are away from windshield-damaging hazards.

Tip: Use Your Garage for Its Intended Purpose

Finally, you can prevent your windshield from being damaged while you car is parked at home by simply putting it in your garage. If you are like many people and your garage has become a storage unit where your vehicles no longer fit, then take the time this weekend to clean out the clutter and start parking your car in there. Your cars are a big investment and parking them inside at night is one of the best ways to prevent damage from bored teenagers, petty criminals, and other drivers who happen down your street while you are sleeping.

For more information or assistance, contact local windshield repair services.