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Oh Hail No! Tips For Drivers Suddenly Faced With A Summer Hail Storm

For those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel for work or recreation, finding themselves facing a sudden summer storm can be unnerving or even downright dangerous. This is especially true when the storm includes precipitation in the form of hail that can inflict damage to the vehicle and make general driving conditions unsafe. The ability to take quick action is an important component in making sure that both vehicle and driver are left unscathed when the storm has passed. If you would like to know more about the actions you should take when facing this type of serious threat, the following tips can be helpful. 

Find shelter and wait out the storm

The best possible reaction to a rapidly forming hail storm is always to seek shelter for both you and your vehicle, if possible. When driving on surface streets and highways, you may be able to find a business such as a drive-in bank or convenience store where you can safely park under the awning until the storm abates. On the Interstate, it may be possible to find an overpass large enough for suitable shelter, but be sure to leave your hazard lights flashing and park well out of the traffic lanes. 

What to do when no shelter can be found 

If shelter is unavailable and you find hail beginning to fall, quickly locate a safe area where you can pull off the road and park your vehicle well outside the traffic flow. Once parked, remain in your vehicle with your hazard lights on until the hail has stopped. While it is likely that your car will receive damage to the glass or body during this time, it will likely be less severe than if your vehicle was moving when struck by the falling hail and staying inside the car offers drivers some protection from the storm.

Inspect glass and seek repair immediately

Vehicle glass damage to the windshield or rear window are common during a hail storm. After the storm passes, it is important that drivers inspect their windshield and auto glass for damage before getting back on the road. If the field of vision is impacted by chips or cracks, it is important to schedule repair immediately and use another form of transportation until the work is completed.

A reputable mobile auto glass repair contractor can often meet drivers at their home or place of employment and quickly replace damaged glass or repair any rock chips that may have been caused by the hail damage. These professionals can work with auto insurance companies and help to ensure that each car is repaired quickly and professionally. Contact companies like Aaron Auto Glass for more information.