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Signs Of Improper Windshield Installation

A properly installed windshield is necessary for your safety on the road; it ensures you have a good view of the road and also protects you in case of an accident. That means that you should be on the lookout for an improperly installed windshield if you have just replaced one. Here are some of the telltale signs to watch out for:

The Windshield Is Making Unusual Noises

A properly installed windshield doesn't rattle or make noise because it fits properly in its slot. Therefore, you should suspect that something is amiss if the windshield is making unusual noises when the car is moving. The noises will be particularly noticeable under high speeds or when driving over uneven ground. If you suspect such a problem, turn off other common sources of noise, such as the radio and AC, and listen keenly to the windshield.

The Windshield's inside View Is Wavy or Crooked

In some cases, the windshield's misalignment may be so bad that it looks wavy or crooked when you view it from the inside. The waviness or crookedness is an obvious sign of improper installation because a properly installed windshield should be smooth and consistent throughout. In most cases, the waviness or crookedness indicates the wrong choice of windshield glass.

There Is Unexplained Water in the Dashboard

A properly installed windshield with a proper fit will have a watertight connection between the glass and the slot in the body of the car. Therefore, you are definitely dealing with poor installation issues if the connection isn't watertight and water is leaking between it and getting into the car. You should suspect that this is the situation if there is unexplained water on the dashboard. A careful examination of the edges of the windshield usually reveals the cause of the problem in such situations.

The Installation Process Was Suspect

Lastly, you should not even wait for the above symptoms of poor installation to know that your windshield needs professional reinstallation. An analysis of the installation process should reveal to you whether a mistake was made. Here are some of the common mistakes amateur installers make:

You can avoid all the above problems by ensuring that your windshield is installed by a professional auto glass mechanic. This is not something you want to handle as a DIY installation project using salvaged parts.

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