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Useful Protocol To Follow For Chips On A Glass Windshield

Although the glass windshield on your vehicle is durable, it's not indestructible. It will in fact chip at some point. When you notice a chip on your vehicle's windshield, it's important to follow this protocol. 

Clean the Damaged Area 

Before you apply any type of repair solution inside the chip to fix it, you need to make sure the damaged area is clean. Otherwise, the repair solution won't effectively adhere to the chip and fill it in completely.

Probably the most helpful tool for this cleaning job is a compressed air can. It administers air at high speeds and the portable can is easy to work with. Apply air around the chip until all of the residues and debris inside are gone. If some of the particles aren't going away so easily, you can use some water to wash away anything that's left over. 

Administer a Weatherproof Sealant 

If the chip on your car windshield doesn't have large cracks coming from the chip, then you can actually fill it in yourself. You just need to make sure you find the right chip sealant. It needs to be rated for glass windshields and be weatherproof. Then, no matter what elements come in contact with the sealant, it will still hold up for a long time. 

Administering this weatherproof sealant isn't that difficult, either. After the chip is prepped, apply the solution until the chip is completely covered. Then, give it enough time to fully dry. With any success, the chip should no longer be noticeable.

Get Help From a Glass Windshield Repair Shop 

If the chip on your glass windshield does have large cracks coming from it, then you'll need professional assistance. More specifically, you need to take your vehicle to a glass windshield repair shop. There, professionals will be able to assess the damage present and see if the cracks can be repaired.

If they can't with industrial sealants as they're too big, then your windshield will be replaced. This can be done in a timely, safe manner. You also generally have the option to get a warranty with the new windshield -- which could potentially save you a lot of money should problems with the new windshield occur.

A chipped windshield can affect the aesthetics of your vehicle and also make it unsafe to drive. That's why you need to address these imperfections quickly, whether it's a DIY solution or professional glass repair assistance. The faster you respond, the fewer problems you'll have to deal with.