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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Windshield After Replacement

So many dangers can crack a windshield, from flying road debris to turning on the defroster too soon. If you were driving around with a cracked windshield for a while, you probably love the look of your new one. You naturally want to take care of your new windshield so it stays so clear. Below are some tips to take care of your windshield right after replacement.

Wait to Drive the Vehicle

When the technicians install a new windshield, they use a strong adhesive that creates a waterproof seal all around the glass. The adhesive needs time to set, though. When possible, wait at least an hour before you drive your car. This waiting period is easier if you have mobile auto glass replacement.

Don't Remove the Retention Tape

To keep the windshield in place after they've sealed it, the technicians will apply a black retention tape. This tape gives the adhesive more time to set up. You might not like the look of the retention tape. Leave it in place, though, for at least a day, though two is better. When you do remove it, do so from the center out.

Leave a Window Cracked Open

One of the ways a cracked windshield gets more damaged is from changes in air pressure. The changes occur because of different temperatures between the outside and inside of your car. That changed air pressure can also put extra stress on your windshield adhesive. Leave the window cracked open to relieve this pressure for the first day.

Go Easy with Closing the Doors

If you do have to drive your car the first day, especially the first hour, after the windshield replacement treat it gently. Go easy on how you close the car doors and even the trunk. Not only does the closing of the door change the air pressure inside, slamming it can create a vibration along the frame that jolts the windshield out of place.

Drive Carefully

Similarly, try to drive carefully the first day after windshield replacement. Glass experts recommend you avoid driving over rough terrain, such as roads with speed bumps or a lot of pot holes, especially with all your windows shut.  

Avoid the Car Wash

You may want to show off your fresh windshield with a newly washed car. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a couple days. For one, the adhesive should stay dry while it's setting completely. The automatic wash is much worse. The high-pressure jets and automatic brushes can put too much pressure on your fresh seal, which causes it to pop.

Take the above precautions after replacement to keep your new windshield safe.